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Do you often wonder where all the other wonderful singles hang out?

We host exciting singles events exclusively for our members, with no public advertising. This ensures that everyone attending our events are like-minded singles who are there to have fun and to meet that someone special.

We have held a number of successful events now and have found that due to us getting to know all our members personally before the events, we are able to introduce all our members in a personal manner and assist in striking up conversations with other members.

Warm and welcoming
Personal Introduction
Advice and Support
Meet like minded Singles

Have you felt like kicking yourself after you have met someone but didn’t feel brave enough to ask for their number or to ask if they were single and just hope that you would bump into them again?

…At Insync Matchmaking, we believe in creating opportunities for all singles to meet in a friendly and safe environment.

We especially pay attention to those members who are shy or nervous and will do everything we can to ensure that they feel as comfortable and at ease during the events.

We have seen many new friendships develop between members, as well as a number of successful matches as a result of these events.

After each event we always gather feedback from each of our members and so you if you didn’t manage to swap numbers with that someone you would like to date, we will step in for you.


As the New Year is approaching please register your interest in our events.       No Payment is required at the moment as we are only collecting numbers.

Payment will be required prior to attending the event.

Payments processed securely by Paypal

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